(The recordings were made using a variety of methods, and as a result the quality varies. I've also left them just the way they were recorded including all the talking and joking in between songs.)

The first Demo tape / 1978
Recorded by Walt Yanis
Recorded: Two microphones > mic in > Sony? stereo cassette recorder
Quality: This recording sounds pretty good considering how old it is. We set up 2 mics in Tom's living room and stood in a circle around them. Tom's banjo was really loud, so we had him stand 15-20 feet away.

Set List
1. I Wish You Knew (Ira and Charlie Louvin) 2:54
2. Roustabout (Trad.) 2:16
3. Stumbling (Unknown) 3:15
4. Jesse James (Trad.) 3:52
5. California Cotton Fields (Dallas Frazier) 3:06
6. Still Feeling Blue (Gram Parsons) 2:59
7. Sweet Georgia Brown (Ben Bernie, Maceo Pinkard, and Kenneth Casey) 3:49
8. Dixieland (Wes Golding) 2:57

Below are the Mp3?s for download. To burn to CD, just download all the files, and burn using your CD burning software. (Note: If you have the option to burn with no pause between tracks, use it and the show should play seamlessly.)

I Wish You Knew t1.mp3
Roustabout t2.mp3
Stumbling t3.mp3
Jesse James t4.mp3
California Cotton Fields t5.mp3
Still Feeling Blue t6.mp3
Sweet Georgia Brown t7.mp3
Dixieland t8.mp3