January 2011

It's time to close up shop. We never gave much thought to how long this might last, so we just kept on playing. Now with Walt's passing and Tom's illness, Joe and I have decided it's time to close the door. We had more fun doing this than you can possibly imagine, and just want to thank everybody for being so nice to us. We enjoyed playing for you.

One of our standing jokes, was that we had been together so long we should start a “Sweet Cider Museum”, so that's what this website is now. You can still access the old website with the link below, but I won't be adding anything new to it. I'll be adding a new section that will contain recordings and videos that I've collected over the years.

So once again thanks so very much for taking the time to listen to our “Sweet Cider Music”.

Old Site

Sweet Cider Museum and Internet Archive